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Employee engagement: the key ingredient to having your CX cake and eating it too

Tim Dimond-Brown
Posted by Tim Dimond-Brown Regional VP Sales & Operations North EMEA Monday, July 23, 2018 - 20:00

Tim is a 30 year veteran of the software industry.  He has built a number of European enterprise software businesses, always with a focus on deploying technology and expertise to support customer business outcomes.  Propositions he has supported include data analytics/mining within market and social research, call centre customer experience management, web application performance management and enterprise portfolio management.  In his current role, Tim leads a team advising on how customer communications can be deployed to accelerate the business objectives of enterprises through better management of customer experience.

Customer Experience Update
Employee engagement: the key ingredient to having your CX cake and eating it

There are a lot of elements to the customer experience (CX) process, from recording customer data to running CRM systems. It’s like baking a cake: the operation cannot succeed without all the right ingredients, and failing to follow the recipe could lead to disaster. 

As CX is such an evolving space, new ingredients keep being added, which can make it easy to lose focus of the bigger picture; the ultimate goal should be an engaging conversation between brand and customer. Too many brands struggle to master this aspect: people don’t just want information pushed at them. Get this wrong and you are in serious trouble: our research revealed more than three quarters (76 per cent) of European consumers would switch from a business that doesn’t meet their customer experience expectations.

This means getting all the ingredients for CX in place has a crucial role to play. However, one that’s often overlooked or forgotten is arguably the most important: employee engagement. As a Gartner survey of CX professionals has revealed, poor employee engagement is the factor that can have the biggest impact on customer experience. 

So what can brands do to boost employee engagement? At a top level, they need to empower staff, putting them in the driving seat and giving them all the tools to have great interactions with customers. Looking at customer support workers, for example, if they have to make a phone call without information about the customer they are speaking to, the customer will likely be agitated at having to state basic facts and repeat themselves. This can, in turn, lead to the customer support worker feeling irritated and disengaged. After all, they’ve effectively been let down by their employer – who should instead have provided background information about the customer’s relationship and conversations they have already had. 

People talk a lot about customer-centricity, but an element of employee-centricity is also a good idea. By making sure tools allowing employees to do a good job are baked in, brands can be confident they are laying out a recipe for success, putting them in prime position to have their CX cake and eat it too.