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Insurance and Customer Communications Management: Give Consumers What They Want

Delivering choice, convenience and personalized service in the digital age

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Insurance and Customer Communications Management: Give Consumers What They Want


Overcoming the hurdles of digital transformation

For a long time, insurance companies were in the driver’s seat when it came to customer communications. Not anymore. A combination of rapidly expanding digital technology and changing demographics has transformed the interactive landscape and the customer engagement model. Digital consumers are changing the rules of the game. The customer is now in control more than ever before, with numerous purchasing options, vast online research tools and multiple touch points.

For many transactions, consumers increasingly prefer digital channels, which make content universally accessible by mixing media (graphics, text and video), tailoring messages (providing discounts, location or demographic information) and adding social connectivity (allowing communities or friends to build around themes and needs).

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This paper explores the significant shift in consumer communication expectations, the traditional hurdles that insurers face and how these can be overcome with a broad CCM vision based on practical, achievable business goals. The fact is that insurers have not kept pace with rapidly emerging customer needs. It is critical to be relevant and speak to the customer in their voice. If you can’t communicate with customers in the way they want, someone else will.

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